Welcome to the first of our Physiostation blogs. Find out what we plan to cover over the coming months in our series of blogs including our own ‘expert guides’.

About Us

Physiostation has been set up by experienced Chartered Physiotherapists, Dean Anthony and Stephen Egerton, whose aim is to provide fast access to high quality assessment and treatment for a wide variety of musculoskeletal complaints. If you would like more information on us please browse through our website www.physiostation.co.uk

Our Expert Guides

We understand that in today’s society, most people have very busy lifestyles. So, if you have developed pain or had an injury, it can be difficult finding time to seek trusted advice and treatment for this. We also know the sooner you act on this, the quicker your recovery will be, and the less this will disrupt you normal daily routines.

Here’s where we’d like to help. Our aim is to use our knowledge, experience and any available clinical research, to write our own ‘expert guides’ about common problems, such as knee pain, with guidance on how best to manage them. By following our advice, we hope this will allow your problems to settle down quickly without needing any further intervention and thereby reducing the impact it has on your work, family life, and/or hobbies.

How you can help us

Although the topics we choose to cover may be useful to some people, they might not be relevant to you personally. We would therefore really like it if you would let us know what topics or conditions you would like us to discuss in our ‘expert guides’. This will make it more personal to you but might also benefit lots of others who have a similar problem. We can’t guarantee to cover all requests but we will endeavour to do so.

Get in Touch

If you have any suggestions of topics or conditions to include in our expert guides, please feel free to contact us. You can do this through:

Twitter                   @physiostation

Facebook               www.facebook.com/physiostation

Text/Phone           07503 636 711

Email                      info@physiostation.co.uk

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